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 Who they are and what they do

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Who they are and what they do Empty
PostSubject: Who they are and what they do   Who they are and what they do EmptySat Jul 28, 2018 11:50 pm

We are Paranormal Investigators from Hernando County Florida. Paranormal Investigation contacting loved ones , loved ones of our fans, and people at grave sites through EVP spirit box. We also visit some of the most haunted locations in Florida and surrounding areas. We capture some of the most incredible Paranormal activity and grade A EVP'S EVER!! Patty sadly lost her son (Gary) at a young age. It was then that she started becoming more interested in the paranormal. Trying to reach out to him. And he has responded. (check the clip below.)
Patty and her team investigate haunted places. Searching for answers. Some of them are good but some of them are bad. You will have to watch her videos to find out for yourself.

Here is a video of her son contacting her from the other side.

Click Here to watch this on Youtube to smash that like button and show some love!
Sons Graveside and k2 meter lights up when asked and he communicates...amazing footage!! HE CONTINUES TO COMMUNICATE WITH US EVERYDAY!!!

Who they are and what they do Siggy3_zps4zn8elba
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Who they are and what they do
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